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Archaeological Excavations in Romania, 1983 - 2012.
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Pecica | County: Arad | Site: Şanţul Mare | Excavation Year: 2006

Excavation Year   2006
Bronze Age;
Late Migrations Period (7th - 11th cent.);
Early Medieval
Bronze Age;
Migrations Period;
Early Medieval Period
Site Category
Religious, Ritual and Funerary
Site Types
Fortified settlement;
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County / District  Arad
Locality   Pecica
Commune   Pecica
Site  Şanţul Mare
Site Sector
Site name   Ziridava
Persons involved and Institutions
Last nameFirst nameroleInstitution
Barker Alexander Missouri University, USA
Draşovean Florin Muzeul Banatului, Timişoara
Hurezan George Pascu Complexul Muzeal Arad
O’Shea John Michigan University, USA
Sherwood Sarah Michigan University, USA
Szentmiklosi Alexandru Muzeul Banatului, Timişoara
National Arch. Record Site Code 11593.01
Report Obiectivele cercetării: adâncirea săpăturii până la steril în suprafeţele excavate în campania precedentă; extinderea în suprafaţă a cercetării; continuarea sondării vecinătăţilor sitului prin carote.
Situl arheologic Pecica “Şanţul-Mare” este situat la 9 km V de Pecica şi 600 m N de albia actuală a Mureşului.
În campania 2006 a fost trasată o singură suprafaţă (10 x 10 m).
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Abstract   During the summer of 2006 a collaborative team of archaeologists from Romania and the United States continued archaeological investigations at the site of Pecica “Şanţul Mare”. The research is focused on social and economic changes that occur during the course of the Bronze Age within the Carpathian Basin and beyond. The specific goals of the 2006 season were: 1) to initiate the layer by layer excavation of a 10 by 10 meter block beneath the previously excavated Dacian levels on the site; and 2) to investigate the end of the Late Bronze Age sequence and determine the nature of the thick deposits separating the final Bronze Age from the later Dacian levels. A limited amount of off-site testing, in the form of auger cores and geological test columns, were also undertaken.
Excavations during the 2006 season were highly productive. Working from the upper portion of the exposed Trench 1 profile from 2005, the 10 meter block was cleared and excavated in a combination of natural and arbitrary levels to expose the final Late Bronze Age surface of the site. The excavations yielded dense deposits of carbonized plant material, animal bone and metallurgical debris. Concurrent with the site excavations was a program of soil auger sampling on the site and in its environs. The coring program confirmed the existence of extensive deposits of Bronze Age materials in a number of areas beyond the tell and in the encircling ditch. The 2006 season also saw the creation of a more detailed topographic map of the areas around the Pecica tell, in preparation for an ecological analysis of the site environs.
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